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Custom Videos

Each custom video we make has a specific job to do.  In most cases, that job is to raise money for the organization. If you'd like a custom video to help you in a specific area, fill out our simple form. Click here.


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Take a look at some of the work we have done for other nonprofit organizations. We've helped raise money for all sorts of organizations. To watch some of the videos we've produced, click here.

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How would you like to start your week with something that is FUN, FREE and helps you FUNDRAISE?

If so, “Movie Mondays for Fundraising Professionals” may be for you.

Every Monday morning I’ll send you an email that contains a link to a short video.

Each weekly video is short and gives you insights from other fundraising professionals on how they overcome the many challenges of fundraising and working at a nonprofit.Some of the topics I cover are:

  • Finding Major Donors,
  • Getting Board Members to Fundraise joyfully,
  • Stewarding Donors, Creating successful events,
  • How to Make an Ask,
  • Creating more Public Awareness,
  • Finding and Training Volunteers,
  • Handling Stress,
  • And a lot more… all while you drink your morning coffee.

One huge benefit from these movies is the ability to use them in board meetings and to use them as 3rd party validation for your own ideas. I know that sometimes it’s hard to get a point across to different members of your team. Movie Mondays provides an excellent way to make a point or to start a discussion.

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